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New Video: Eyeline Golf Speed Trap

Last week's newsletter featured the Speed Trap, a new training aid from Eyeline Golf that is designed o help you practice the correct swing path.

Check out the short video below describing how the Speed Trap works and how it can improve your game.  And remember to visit www.tyrusyork.com and subscribe to me newsletter!!

Newsletter: Stat Tracking

In my newsletter this week (which you can subscribe to by clicking here) I announce a partnership with Shot By Shot, an online stat tracking company that allows you to easily analyze your rounds and know what areas of your golf game need to improve.

Check out the excerpt below and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter today!

What can be measured can be improved.  When you play a round of golf and shoot a score that is less than desirable, how do you know what areas of your game to work on?

I’m taking a break from releasing a video this week to talk about the importance of stat tracking and a great opportunity for you to easily track your stats.

The PGA Tour has long kept statistics on its players giving us great data to compare our own games to when we play.  This allows us to see what areas of our game are the farthest from Tour quality so that we know what needs to improve the most. 

Stat tracking has changed over the years with the ability for computers to make analyzing data more efficient.  Your most common stats of tracking your fairways hit, greens in regulation, number of putts per round, saves, etc. are old an outdated.  I’ll admit it’s better than nothing, but in the end the data doesn’t provide you the greatest assessment of your current game.

The good news is that there is now a stat tracking company that I have partnered with that allows you to easily keep your stats and analyze your rounds.

Shot By Shot has been a leader in stat tracking for almost 10 years now.  They use computer analysis to take the information you provide and give you a breakdown of every important aspect of your game.

They also take your old stats like fairways hit and number of putts and break them down into more specific areas.  For example, instead of simply saying how many putts you had, you’ll record the approximate distance of your first putt.  After all, 1 putting every green isn’t that impressive if you didn’t have a putt outside 3 feet all day.

Shot By Shot also has an easy to use app that can be uploaded to an iPhone so that you can track your stats while on the course. 

The cost for this service is currently on sale for $59 per year.  However, as a subscriber to my newsletter you can sign up through me and pay only $49 per year.  When you sign up through me it will also give me the ability to analyze your rounds, therefore helping me identify the areas of your game that need to be improved.

Contact me today to sign up for this great service that will help us improve your game in 2014!

Fixing A Slice: Video

Slicing the golf ball (curves left to right for the RH golfer) is so common that just about every instructor on the planet has a way to fix it.

Truth is, most of those fixes are very good and effective.  In my newsletter last week I included the above video as one of the ways I help my students eliminate a slice.

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New Video: BodiTrak

Last week, I released a brand new video describing the newest technology to make its way into the High Performance Golf Academy.  The video was released on YouTube and also was part of my weekly newsletter that you can sign up for by visiting www.tyrusyork.com.

BodiTrak is a pressure monitoring system that allows us to identify where your weight is distributed throughout the swing.  It takes what used to be complicated measurements and makes them very easy to understand and even easier to improve.

Much like K-Vest, you get instant feedback from BodiTrak that allows you to work on your deficiencies while getting feedback as you go.

This video is an introduction to BodiTrak and includes an analysis of my own swing (in true winter form, in other words rusty!):

Newsletter: Teacher of the Year

This week I received an incredible honor from my peers in the Kentucky Section PGA when they awarded me the 2014 Teacher of the Year.

In this week's Newsletter, which you can subscribe to by clicking here by visiting my website, I discuss what this award means to me.  Here's a portion of my newsletter which was sent out yesterday.

Monday marked a milestone thus far in my teaching career when I was awarded the 2014 Kentucky Section PGA Teacher of the Year during our Spring Member Conference at Embassy Suites in Lexington.

I am humbled by this recognition and I want to wish a thank you to you, my students as well as my PGA peers who nominated me.

My time at Man O’ War Golf was very valuable to me because it was there that I was able to begin my career and learn from three different winners of this award. 

When I joined Larry Ward to start the High Performance Golf Academy, my ability to learn was accelerated, not just from working with Larry (a 2-time winner of the award), but by having the time to reach out to other instructors and organizations on a national scale to learn from the best in our business.

To all of them I owe huge thanks because this award is simply a reflection of the knowledge I’ve gained from them.

But none of this would have ever been possible if it weren’t for you.  I am extremely lucky to work with so many talented and hardworking students.

The profession of teaching golf is an ongoing learning experience.  Every day I learn from my students and other instructors on how to be the best I can be.

The last 8 years have been great, but I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish together in 2014 and beyond!  So please contact me today and let’s make your golfing future a bright one!


A lot of what I do relies on word of mouth and referrals, so as a shameless plug I also always appreciate when you share my newsletters with your friends and family!  Thank you!

Newsletter: More About K-Vest

My newsletter last week featured another video about K-Vest and how it measures your kinematic sequence. 

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Correct sequencing during the swing is crucial in achieving an efficient golf swing.  Watch the video below and learn more about kinematic sequence and how K-Vest will help you identify any inefficiencies in your swing.

Golf Channel Instruction Article

Every Monday at the conclusion of the week's PGA Tour event I write an instruction article for the Golf Channel about the winner and what can be learned from his performance.

Click here to visit their website and read my most recent article and please share the article with anybody and everybody.  For all you instructors out there, I'm also eager to hear feedback and suggestions on how I could improve my articles.  Thank you!!

Weekly Newsletter: SeeMore Putter Company

In my weekly newsletter last week I shared a video that discusses how the SeeMore Putter Company is making putters that I believe can improve anybody's putting.

Check out the video below and be sure to get over to www.tyrusyork.com and subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss out!

K-Vest Video Series

For those of you that subscribe to my newsletter, you've seen a 3 part video series that I've done explaining different ways K-Vest can improve your golf game.  If you're not subscribed, do yourself a favor and click here to visit my website and subscribe to my newsletter!

Check out the videos below and let me know what you think.  I'll be adding more videos in the future so be sure to stay tuned!

Newsletter: Making 2014 Your Best Ever

Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter by visiting www.tyrusyork.com!  Every week I have new and unique content so don't miss out.

The following is a portion of what you missed from last week's newsletter:

First of all I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I know for me it was good to see some of my family over the holidays and I hope you had the opportunity to do the same.

With 2014 here, the time is now to get to work on your golf game.  I know the extremely cold weather was a bummer, but at the High Performance Golf Academy we didn’t miss a beat!  With weather no longer an excuse, what is holding you back from achieving your golf dreams?

Combining almost 10 years of teaching experience with the very best in teaching technology, I believe that I have all the tools needed to help you play your best golf.

One technology that I firmly believe in is K-Vest.  You’ve seen what I’ve written about it before, but this time I have a series of videos that I wish to begin sharing with you today to help explain the benefits of this powerful game improvement tool.

K-Vest sessions begin at only $40 for 30 minutes and custom packages can be created upon request for multiple sessions. 

Contact me today and let me help you achieve your golf goals for 2014!!

Newsletter: Short Game Practice In the Winter

For my last newsletter of the year, I discuss a topic that I feel many golfers miss out on this time of year.  Anybody that wants to improve their golf game understands the importance of practicing during the cold months.  But most people I observe tend to focus too much on full swing.

Remember that you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter by visiting www.tyrusyork.com.  What you see below is simply an excerpt from my newsletter which contains much more great information designed to help you with your game. Merry Christmas!!

For those of you practicing your golf game at all this winter, you’re going to be rewarded in the spring when you’re able to start shooting better scores earlier than usual.

As I observe many players this time of year, I notice one glaring omission from their practice routines: short game.

When it’s cold, wet, snowy, you name it I can understand why nobody is jumping to get out in the elements to hit up the short game area or putting green.  And to be honest, I would think you may have a problem if you did!

But I believe there are some great ways to incorporate short game into a normal practice schedule that may involve staying indoors.

Putting is easy to practice any time because all you need is a surface worthy of rolling a golf ball.  Even if you don’t have a surface to use, you can always purchase effective and inexpensive putting mats to make up for it.

Working on chip and pitch shots however tend to be forgotten this time of year.  Spending a portion of every practice sessions hitting these shorter (touch) shots can go a long way in helping you maintain your feel for these shots in the spring.

If most of your practice this time of year is indoors hitting into a net, it is important that you focus on the right things when hitting shorter shots.

I like using a pitching wedge or sand wedge and grooving a small to medium size swing.  Focus on good fundamentals such as grip, posture, and balance.  Then focus on making solid contact in the center of the clubface.  You obviously can’t see how far the ball goes, but by using a comfortable size of swing, you start to develop a stock shot.

When the weather improves, get out to the short game area to test your stock shot and see what kind of result you get.  You can then alter your stock shot by changing your club selection or swing size to get different results for different short game situations.

Much time is spent in our academy this time of year working with our students to develop these shots.  In addition to hitting in a net, we can open the doors of our facility and see what your stock shot is doing now!

That kind of focused practice will help you make the most of your time this winter and have your game feeling sharp in the spring.

Contact me today to schedule a time to come in and learn some great ways to practice this winter!